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Rocklin, CA


Cassandra Burgess

Just Can’t Stop Creating

People ask me, “Why do art?” Well, that is almost like asking, why I exist? Art is a part of me, if I’m not creating then I’m not fully existing. Ideas are always flowing in my mind and it only depends on how I decide to express those ideas and when. My art is constantly changing just as I am. I get inspired and wonder if I can do it. I accept the challenge, then try my best. Sometimes, I have an intentional meaning behind a work while other times the meaning comes during or after the created piece. There is no formula to art. I just do it.

My chalk pastel pieces are on average eight feet tall and four feet wide. I am most comfortable working big, because it requires my entire body to be involved. I desire the process or journey of creating the piece more than the finished work. The best moments are when,  you are so sore and tired that you fall a sleep next to your piece, or you start blending with your feet because your arms are too tired.

Art, It’s intuitive, freeing, inspiring, sometimes frustrating. It’s how I let myself express without fear. I get to love what I do and love others through it. My goal is to inspire and encourage. To dream and push the limits.

When I get stuck on an art piece I write music, play the piano or guitar.

My Skills

I am continually exploring new mediums and ways of reusing metal and whatever I can get my hands on.  I am a great problem solver and love the challenge of making an art piece work.  My skills and experience in the field have helped me know what material will work best for the job.  What I have learned: drying times, weight matters, construction, soldering needs clean metal and suit up for fiberglass.

Comfortable working with: Chalk Pastels, Pencil, Oils, Acrylic, Print Making, Clay, Fiberglass, Metal, Wood

Painting Live At Events